Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"New bike"

So I bought a bike last week. Not a financially savvy investment, but on based on personal health and sanity. You see, I love riding bicycles.

My wife might say I love collecting bicycles. With the one I bought last week (at left) I now have 4 road bikes....

That may sound like a lot. But the one at left, a 1996, is not only the newest addition, it is also the youngest!

Yeah, my newest bike is from 1996. It also has the worst components of the lot. A RSX/Sora mix... So why did I buy it? Well lets just say the other bikes I own are currently "inappropriate" (read unsafe or just plain broken) for me to ride. What are the other bikes I own you might ask? Other road bikes from newest to oldest:

1996 Cannondale R 500 Brakes, levers, derailleurs are Shimano RSX. Crankset is Shimano Sora
  • eBay purchase Auction Link
  • I also bought new wheels, used Ritchie DS Pro's, so that I can transfer the wheels from the cannondale to the Trek 560. Auction Link

1988 (maybe 89) Panasonic DX-6000 nearly complete Shimano 600/Ultegra group Size 56cm
  • This was a "gift" from my sister and brother-in-law for helping paint their house this fall in preparation for them selling it. 56cm is really too small for me. I was planning on getting it road ready for my wife to ride, but now I's found it has some value as a collectable and might be willing to sell it if the price were right.
  • Panasonic Bicycle Online Museum
1987 Trek 560 Pro - Aqua with white decals, nearly complete Shimano 105 Size 59cm
  • Original rear wheel has had numerous spoke issues due to a chain dropping off the big gog and damaging the outside spokes on the freewheel side of the hub. Spokes replaced, wont stay true. Replacing wheel with rear wheel from the Cannondale. 6 speed index switching to 7 speed friction when wheels are swapped out.
  • Vintage Trek website
1985 Trek 460 Race - Red with yellow graphics - Suntour components
  • This bike is mostly in pieces. I hope to rebuild this for my daughter, but as with all my budget issues and the cost of components, a complete more modern used bike may be more appropriate.
  • Vintage Trek website
More bikes later...

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