Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Favorite Gear of 2009

Well I have been inspired by a few of the other blogs I follow to post a "Favorite Gear" post. So here goes:

1. Marmot Scree Softshell pant.

Now I bought these at the LLBean outlet store in Fayetteville NY for way less than I am willing to admit. They have become my "go to" pant for just about any activity except cycling (but I did try them for that too.) Whether it's a xc ski in the woods, a walk with the dog, or cutting wood for the wood pile; these pants fit the bill.

2. S.O.G. paratool

My favorite multitool for quite a few years. Very cool in that you can change the head angle of the pliers.

3. G3 Targa X Mountain Telemark bindings


These have been on my skiis for a few years, I still love 'em!

4. My shades are by Rudy Project - Skeey longer mfg. :'(

I bought these a while back when we lived in Winter Park CO. I needed a set of shades that had a prescription insert and I wanted interchangeable lenses. I am also a little partial to the Euro trash look when skiing and cycling :)

5. Vasque Velocity trail running shoes

These are a classic. I can't run worth a damn but I sure do love these shoes!

6 Laken metal water bottle

My wife got everyone replacement water bottles last Christmas after the whole plastic water bottle scare hit the news. I have carried this to work every day for the last year, with little wear to show for it. Nice reasonably priced bottle, excellent durability in this gray/black marbled finish.

Thanks for reading. That's all for now. I may post more later as the mood strikes me or I realize I've missed something significant.

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