Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dog Grab Jacket

Duluth Trading Company - 
These folks have some nice stuff, often more expensive than I am willing to spend. But when I started shopping for a coat for my dog (yes, my dog - she has short hair and gets cold in the snow) I couldn't find any at the local retailers I liked in a price range I found reasonable.

Duluth Trading Company Dog Grab Jacket

Via: http://www.duluthtrading.com/services/image.aspx?path=/media/images/products/96085_HTG.jpg&width=312&height=312

This coat comes in 3 sizes and is currently only available in 2 colors (Hunter green and Navy blue.)  When we bought ours it was also available in Red (which is the color we bought.) The coat is made of "weather resistant Supplex nylon shell and toasty fleece lining."  In the snow it stays dry and warm and in the rain it sheds nearly any level of precipitation except a hearty down pour, and even then the fleece keeps the dog warm despite being damp.

We were looking for a coat to keep the dog warm and dry, but also visible. We live in a rural area where there is hunting on some adjacent properties. Our dog is light brown to tan in color and during deer hunting season we are often concerned about her being outside and wandering off. So we wanted a bright color for her to be able to wear to help differentiate her from a deer for the less "experienced" hunters. With this in mind the red seemed the best choice. I would have liked to have seen an orange or a "safety" yellow-green. But I suppose these are not "fashionable" enough. Oh well.

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