Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday night break down

So I open the box earlier this week but didn't have time to unpack it.

So tonight I had some time and this is how it began:

The bike arrived well packed (by an IBD it appears.)

So I set about removing everything from the box. The wheels were first out so I went ahead and removed the tubes and tires. Then I removed the axels and bearings. After removing the grease, thoroughly cleaning the hub/bearings/races/axel I repacked them with fresh white lithium grease.

Both front wheels seem to be smoother than the rears, oh well. Used parts cheap are cheap used parts....

Then I set about breaking down and cleaning the rest of the bike:

The chain, headset bearings and rear derailleur pulleys are soaking in citrus solvent over night (in the white bucket with the brush.) The only things not in the photo are the cables/housings and the seat/seatpost. They are just outside the frame (and the wheels of course are hanging up separately.)

I sure do love taking things apart. I just hope there is nothing left over when I put it all back together!

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    1996 frame, but not the right wheel set and some components are Sora?