Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Diet - Grain Free month of January

 So due to a combination of health factors (difficulty with weight loss, digestion, questionable cholesterol levels) I have decided to take the month of January away from grains. Primarily I avoiding any foods containing gluten and corn syrup. The corn syrup has been a long time quest to avoid, the gluten free approach is new. So whole, unprocessed fruits and vegetables are my primary diet these days. With the occasional egg, meat, or dairy product thrown in. Who am I kidding, cheese is my downfall, I absolutely love cheese. Here is the book my wife bought me yesterday to help me along my journey this month:

The Eat Clean Diet: Fast Fat Loss That Lasts Forever

I'll let you know how it goes as the month goes on. The first few day's haven't been too bad. The only real trouble was last night I had some hot coco after skiing with my daughter. Corn syrup. Not going to beat myself up about it, just going to remember to avoid the cheap coco in the future.

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