Tuesday, February 16, 2010



My workouts for the last week have been:
  • Tomorrow: recovery day so I'm planning on 30-45 min on the bike trainer at 45-55% intensity.
  • Today (yet to be done, but trust me baring some tragic event, I'm going skiing!): telemark skiing at http://www.skitog.com/ with some friends from Young Life.
  • Yesterday (Monday February 16 2010) Telemark skiing at http://www.labradormtn.com/ with my daughter. She wasn't really into it so we only got a few runs in, but Tele-skiing is work, not matter how you serve it up! So when we got home, I took the opportunity to ride the bike trainer for about 1:15 at about 60-75% intensity.
  • Sunday February 15 2010: Recovery day, 30 min on the bike trainer at 35-50% intensity. sore from yesterdays ski.
  • Saturday 2/14/2010: Nordic ski (classic) at http://www.winonaforest.com/ with Dr. Ed O., my XC ski guru! We skied ~15km at 85-95% intensity. We averaged between 7.5 and 8 min per km, fast for me slow for him. The old guy kicked my a$$ for sure. I am 40 and he is 61, busts my butt every time....
  • Friday 2/13/2010 bike trainer for about 1:30 at about 50-65% intensity.
  • Thursday 2/12/2010 bike trainer for about 0:60 at about 50-65% intensity.
What am I training for you might ask? Well in the short term I hope to ski the annual tug hill tour-a-thon http://www.skireg.com/events/register.asp?EventID=3025 but the $50 registration fee has me hesitating. I am still trying to rebuild the "new" Cannondale I bought and still need to buy parts!

Other future events I am interested in participating in:

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